What is in a “thank you”? Plenty! We at Belmont Weekday School strive to build up our young students in such a way that they are fully prepared for Kindergarten. Starting as young as 9 months of age we have a plan for them. We have a developmentally appropriate structured curriculum for children 9 months to Pre-K. How do we know it works? Because our students and their parents tell us it does.

As our students grow and develop we have an opportunity to evaluate their development and needs. Each child receives individualized attention as they grow. We help them in areas they are strong in or need improvement in and share that with the parents. Our students do very well when they are ready to move onto Kindergarten. They have developed all the skills necessary to be successful including social skills necessary to transition to being in school. After all they have had the school experience at Belmont Weekdays School during their time with us.

Instead of us putting it in our own words; we’d like to share it from the perspective of our students and parents.

“Thank You. Love Martin.” (age 5)

“…we are thankful that Marin has been able to spend the last four years learning and growing at your wonderful school. With love and gratitude” Martin’s mom.

“Thank you for a great time at Belmont WDS.” Owen (age 5)

“Thank you so much for all you do. We’ve enjoyed being part of BWS & thank you and all the staff for teaching and loving Carter and his classmates. Love..” Carter’s family

“…the dozens of teachers we’ve had over the years have helped us raise our children for more than 11 years. The WDS has been like family, and it will be a hard adjustment to make knowing we won’t be back in the fall. Thank you for creating a place where children feel save, loved & challenged and are exposed to the wide world. We will miss you dearly. Love, Mollie”

” Words cannot express how thankful I am for the warm welcome we received when we came to Belmont. All of the teachers & staff have been so helpful while Sebastian has been here. Even though we came late & were here for 2 school years, I felt like part of the big Belmont family! I am so grateful to you for always being there with a huge smile on your face! With love & appreciation, Carina & family”

“Your leadership. caring & friendly presence have meant a lot to our family over the years. I can’t say enough about the important role Belmont WDS has had the past few years. We leave with respect, appreciation, gratitude & fondness. Best to you. Love – The Aarons”

“Thank you for ..our daughters.. many wonderful years at Belmont Weekday School. She has had an amazing early education and we will all miss you dearly. We will see you again ..next summer.. when ..our son.. starts his Belmont journey.” The Williams

As you can see by the few thank you notes above, Belmont Weekday School is a place that families come to and stay with time and again with all of their children. Many families have parents that are part of the WDS family for a decade or more as all their children progress through the classes. This is a great compliment to us and truly is an honor to be there for them time and time again.

We hope to see you sometime at Belmont Weekday School. Schedule an appointment and see what we are all about first hand.