Scholarships based on need are available to Belmont Weekday School students. A Scholarship Committee comprised of members from the Weekday Children’s Ministries Committee determines scholarship receipts. Applications for scholarships are available from the Director or Assistant Director. Deadlines for applications are announced periodically throughout the year. Scholarship fundraisers are held throughout the year.

Enrollment options will be granted on a first returned-first served basis. Classroom assignments are made at the discretion of the Director. Preference of the days of the week is subject to availability. The 9 mos. to 36 mos. Program will have ONLY M,W,F or T,Th or M-F options.

Sick PolicyThe Weekday School has adopted the Model Child Care Health Policies from the American Academy of Pediatrics. These criteria were developed to control the spread of infectious diseases in the classroom. The criteria outline symptoms for which you should not bring your child to school or for which you will be called to come pick them up.

If you are ever called to pick your child up for illness, you should do so within an hour of the call. Children should not be brought to school if they have taken multi -symptom cold remedies or fever controlling medications within the last 6 hours.

Young children are building their immune systems. They will be ill from time to time in spite of our efforts to provide a healthy and clean environment for them. Please plan a back-up system, i.e., care for your ill child when you must work and cannot be at home with your sick child.

We want to prevent the spreading of illnesses to the other students as well as teachers!

  • FEVER: Your child should not be brought to school until they have been fever free for the preceding 24 hours.
  • VOMITING: Your child should not come to school until they have been vomit free for the preceding 24 hours.
  • DIARRHEA: Your child should not come to school until they have been diarrhea free for the preceding 24 hours.
  • STREP THROAT: Your child should not return to school until he or she is fever-free and has been on antibiotics for 24 hours.
  • When your child is absent because of illness, please notify the school before 9am on the day missed. If your child is at school, he or she should be well enough to participate in all activities. We ask you to give your child enough time to recover from being sick before bringing them back to school.

    The WDS reserves the right to ask you to present a doctor’s note upon your child returning to school. Thanks for your cooperation.

    Please note that Belmont Weekday School maintains a waiting list for all classrooms – after January 15th each year, we will begin calling families on the waiting list to fill vacancies. During the year if students leave between sessions the waiting list is also used to make contact with families. To be added to the waiting list or inquire about the waiting list status please contact us.

    Bug spray is the best way to reduce the number of mosquito bites that your child might receive while outside of the weekday school. Unfortunately weekday school staff are prohibited from putting bug spray on your children. If you want your child to wear bug spray for their protection please administer the product prior to leaving your child with us for the day. Studies show that bug spray with Deet is most effective.

    The EPA says that DEET is approved for use on children over two months old. There is no restriction on the percentage of DEET in the product for use on children, since data do not show any difference in effects between young animals and adult animals in tests done for product registration. There also are no data showing incidents that would lead EPA to believe there is a need to restrict the use of DEET. Consumers are always advised to read and follow label directions in using any pesticide product, including insect repellents.

    When cold weather has arrived, please don’t forget to dress your child in cold weather attire. Also, when the weather changes it is the time to change out the extra clothes in your child’s cubby so they are season appropriate.

    We go outside almost everyday in the winter. Please bring a coat, hat, and mittens (labeled, please), so that we can take your child out to enjoy the fresh air. This is a great way to reduce germs in the school. And please remember: if your child is well enough to be at school, he/she is well enough to play outside! Thanks for your cooperation.

    Children from the ages of 9 months to 5 years old can attend the weekday school depending on class availability. Please see our School Hours for further details.

    Our address is 2007 Acklen Avenue Nashville, TN 37212. We are located at the corner of 20th Ave and Acklen Ave in Nashville Tennessee. This is in Hillsboro Village between Vanderbilt University and Belmont University. You can find online directions to our school from our directions link .

    The WDS announces closings caused by inclement weather on a day-to-day basis on Channels Two, Four, and Five, generally by 6am. We will also alert our families by the school-wide email system, the WDS facebook page, and the WDS twitter account.

    We do not go by the Metro School System, so please follow these policies to get accurate information. The WDS opens at 7:30 am each day; thus, if the notice says “Open 2 Hours Late,” we will be open at 9:30am. Opening late is based on 7:30 am, not 9:00 am.

    Please label everything that your child brings to school. Sometimes children do not recognize their personal belongings and it is difficult for the teachers to keep track of what belongs to each child.

    Please do not bring toys to school, unless prior arrangements have been made with your child’s teacher. Books and toys related to classroom topics are welcome, but please check with your child’s teacher first.

    Open-toed shoes, crocs, and cowboy boots are discouraged because of safety hazards— tennis shoes are preferable.

    Please do not send anything in your child’s lunch that needs to be heated, peeled or cut. Also, please do not put candy in your child’s lunch. We provide cups, napkins, silverware, plates and milk. It is not necessary for you to send these items because you run the risk of getting them thrown away. Resealable baggies are preferred, but if it is necessary to send a container, please label both the top and the container.

    The Weekday School opens at 7:30am and no earlier. Children 9-36 months arrive at school at 9:00am. Please do not leave your child unattended. There is not anyone here to care for your child until this time and their safety is important to us all. Please escort your child to the gym or the playground in the mornings. Do not leave your child unattended in a classroom or on his own to walk to the playground or gym. Under no circumstances should a child be allowed to walk himself/herself (unaccompanied by an adult) to the classroom, gym, playground, or anywhere else in the Weekday School. If someone else is picking up your child, please send a written note to your child’s teacher or the WDS staff person in charge in the afternoon. The 9-36 month staff are not at school after 3:00pm.

    If you should have any questions regarding school policies or procedures, please feel free to ask your child’s teacher, Jean, or EnaShea. We look forward to providing a fun and stimulating environment for your child in the upcoming school year!