Click above to view Belmont Weekday School's inclement weather alerts procedure.                         . The Belmont Weekday School will abide by Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) inclement weather decisions.  On days that MNPS is closed, Belmont Weekday School will also be closed.  For days that MNPS has a delayed opening, Belmont Weekday School will open at 10:00 a.m. with no before care provided. Belmont Weekday School will notify parents of inclement weather closings via the following systems: 1.  One Call Now System - Phone call and text.  We have confirmed that the phone numbers that you provided are in our system.  We ask that you opt in for text messages by texting ALERT to 22300. 2.  E-mail 3.  Belmont Weekday School Website - 4.  WKRN News 2, WSMV News 4, WTVF News channel 5 5.  MNPS Website - Please let us know if your phone number or e-mail address has changed so that we may update in our systems for efficient communication.

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Free money for the Weekday School? Yes, please!

In 5 easy steps you can help the preschool earn free money for classroom activities. Visit Create an account Add your Kroger Plus card 12-digit number or the phone number linked to your Kroger Plus account Click on community rewards Find your organization: type in our NDO number; select Belmont Weekday School; click enroll Thanks for your support!

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Playground Workday

A handful of brave parents arrived at the preschool early Saturday morning, 11/14 to clean and beautify the WDS playgrounds and front entrance. They raked mulch and sand, raked and bagged leaves, swept the bike track, and pulled weeds. A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event successful. We could not have done this without you!

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Kinderdance Pumpkins

We had a fun time today in our Kinderdance class. Our fall studies would not be complete without a dancing Pumpkin Patch. The Kinderdancers dressed in pumpkin costumes today during part of our class while we worked on our square dance moves: Honor your partner (with a curtsey), honor your neighbor (with a curtsey), face your partner and DO - SI - DO,  now Right Elbow Swing!!! Yee Haw!!! Fall is such a fun time of year! Have a beautiful fall season!

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Art on the Playground

This past week our preschool children enjoyed painting outside on our big playground. Painting outside brings an entirely new level of creativity to an already loved activity. As children create outside, they're exposed to new senses (the sounds of birds singing or the sounds of the city, the smells of the morning, or warmth of the sun). Children are encouraged by each other and often children who dismiss painting inside become curious and choose to try a new activity. Our children truly enjoyed creating beautiful masterpieces outside!

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Warmer Weather is Finally Here!

Sunscreen is very important. Please remember that from now until fall, the sun’s rays are beating down on your child’s face. Apply sunscreen before arrival each day. Even spring sunshine will burn our fairer faces so begin this ritual now to help assure healthy skin in the future. Bad sunburns are also subject to infections. This children will be playing outdoors a great deal and we want to keep them as healthy as possible. Insect Repellent also needs to be considered. Last spring and summer was a bad time of the year for mosquitoes and other biting insects. We are certain this year will be no different, despite the cold winter.

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New Shade Tree

The Belmont Weekday School south side (little) playground has gotten a new shade tree. Unfortunately the old tree had been struck by lighting and after some care and time it was determined the damaged tree would no longer be sufficient for the long term. While the new tree is small in time it will grow tall and strong just like your children that we are privileged to care for.

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