Warmer Weather is Finally Here!

Sunscreen is very important. Please remember that from now until fall, the sun’s rays are beating down on your child’s face. Apply sunscreen before arrival each day. Even spring sunshine will burn our fairer faces so begin this ritual now to help assure healthy skin in the future. Bad sunburns are also subject to infections. This children will be playing outdoors a great deal and we want to keep them as healthy as possible. Insect Repellent also needs to be considered. Last spring and summer was a bad time of the year for mosquitoes and other biting insects. We are certain this year will be no different, despite the cold winter.

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Personal Endorsements

What is in a “thank you”? Plenty! We at Belmont Weekday School strive to build up our young students in such a way that they are fully prepared for Kindergarten. Starting as young as 9 months of age we have a plan for them. We have a developmentally appropriate structured curriculum for children 9 months to Pre-K. How do we know it works? Because our students and their parents tell us it does. […]

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Scholarships for the fall session

The Weekday School is currently accepting scholarship applications for the fall session.  The deadline for turning in the application is July 15th.  In addition to your application, financial and work history information is necessary.  If you currently receive a scholarship and would like to be considered for the fall, please let Jean know.  You will need to fill out another application.  Please see Jean or EnaShea for the necessary paperwork, or if you have questions regarding scholarships and their availability.  The WDS prides itself on being one of the few preschools in Nashville that offers partial assistance for our families who qualify.  This is made possible from continued donations and fundraising events.

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