Ready for Football Season!

Our teachers and staff love football, so we invite you to meet the WDS starting line up.

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Outstanding Community Service Honored

The Weekday School is proud to share exciting news regarding one of our teachers. Bailey Hazouri (twos teacher) has been named the recipient for the prestigious Harold Love Outstanding Community Service Award. This award is presented to Bailey for her countless hours of love and support she has given to the children and families of Nashville’s Edgehill community. Way to go, Bailey. We are proud of your commitment to children and families in and outside the classroom.

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Happy Easter!

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Welcome Spring!

We welcome spring with open arms!

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Curtis Wright Photography Sibling & Makeup Day

Curtis Wright photography now gives you the opportunity to bring your school age children or younger to be photographed or if your child was absent on picture day.

All packages are prepaid and mailed to your home within 2 – 3 weeks

Saturday April 18th   at “The Academy of Cool Springs”

270 Seaboard Lane, Franklin, 37067

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Giving to our Edgehill Friends

The WDS children and families collected jackets, hats, gloves and over 70 pounds of canned goods which were distributed through a Free Market. This Market was set up in the park on Monday, November 24th. Through our donations, we served 5 families in desperate need.

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Kinderdance Pumpkins

We had a fun time today in our Kinderdance class. Our fall studies would not be complete
without a dancing Pumpkin Patch. The Kinderdancers dressed in pumpkin costumes today during part of our class while we worked on our square dance moves:

Honor your partner (with a curtsey), honor your neighbor (with a curtsey), face your partner and DO – SI – DO,  now Right Elbow Swing!!! Yee Haw!!!

Fall is such a fun time of year!

Have a beautiful fall season!

Welcome Back!

Our 2014-2015 School year is underway. In addition to our wonderful families previously enrolled for the summer, we have 13 new families and 19 new students.

Warmer Weather is Finally Here!

Sunscreen is very important. Please remember that from now until fall, the sun’s rays are beating down on your child’s face. Apply sunscreen before arrival each day. Even spring sunshine will burn our fairer faces so begin this ritual now to help assure healthy skin in the future. Bad sunburns are also subject to infections. This children will be playing outdoors a great deal and we want to keep them as healthy as possible.

Insect Repellent also needs to be considered. Last spring and summer was a bad time of the year for mosquitoes and other biting insects. We are certain this year will be no different, despite the cold winter.

Personal Endorsements

What is in a “thank you”? Plenty! We at Belmont Weekday School strive to build up our young students in such a way that they are fully prepared for Kindergarten. Starting as young as 9 months of age we have a plan for them. We have a developmentally appropriate structured curriculum for children 9 months to Pre-K. How do we know it works? Because our students and their parents tell us it does. (more…)