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Who Are We?

The toddlers class is a where children get their move on. Children as early as 14 months old can start their journey with Belmont Weekday School.
  • Starting at 14-15 months
  • Climbing structure and a tunnel for exploring
  • 1 to 4 ratio
  • 9 AM – 3 PM

Teachers Picture

Jen Young, Jennifer Coffey, and Tori Houston
Jen Young, Jennifer Coffey, and Tori HoustonRoom 111

Some class highlights

Our Favorite Activities
We love to paint and play in dirt. Sometimes we will play dress-up and push our shopping cart or baby buggy around the room.
  • Singing Songs
  • Playing Around the Train Table
  • Sensory Play
  • Climbing Through the Tunnel

Our Goals
To ultimately bridge the distance between those first steps in the infant room to more independence of the two year old. We encourage the children to use spoons to eat when it is appropriate. At this age, children are still into parallel play but learning that they are part of a group and all of the dynamics that go along with that is an important lesson.
Our Process
Through developmentally appropriate practices and repetition, the children are exposed to many parts of the world around them. Books, outside play, sensory play, painting, and block stacking  all play an integral part of our day. Of course there is never a shortage of love, smiles and hugs to go around.
Off Topic Favorite Things to Do
Playing at the train table is probably the favorite activity of the toddler class. The children often like to line up and take turns climbing up the stairs to go through the tunnel and down the slide.

Here’s some Good Stuff. Read the Teacher Feedback Featured Below.

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