Teachers and Staff:

Fall 2018

Infants (room 115)

Tahnee Pittman and Amy Kathryn Woods Tanner

Toddlers (room 111)

Jennifer Coffey, Rachel Francis, and Hannah Gleason

Twos (room 110)

Megan Erbeck, Shelby Johnson, and Brittany Jordan

Nearly Threes (room 112)

Amanda Cable and Maria Petty

Threes (room 114)

Diane Crutcher and Susan Johnson

Threes (room 116)

Melissa Cash and Liz Minton

Pre-K Fours (room 119)

Ann Walker Greenlee and Karina Wegner-Lasso

Pre-K Fives (room 117)

Elizabeth Ayton and Jenna Bratcher

Teaching Assistants and Substitutes

Kaleigh Barthelemy and Jasmine Branch


Jean Voorhees, EnaShea Kohler, and Laura Hamilton


Jean Voorhees

Assistant Director

EnaShea Kohler


Rita Richardson


Sheila Uselton

We are fortunate to have such an array of conscientious and caring individuals who
delight in nurturing and educating your children.