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60 Years

In 1947, Belmont United Methodist Church opened one of the first church-based preschools in Tennessee. The program, currently known as the Belmont Weekday School, was established to provide education for pre-school children.

The State of Tennessee Department of Human Services licenses the Belmont Weekday School. The Weekday School has also achieved the highest recognition the State of Tennessee awards, a Three Star Rating. The Weekday School provides the majority of the classroom and playground equipment, including books, toys, furniture, tricycles, etc. for all of the BUMC children to use and enjoy!

Jean Voorhees has been the Director of the Weekday School since November 1991, and has consistently provided a safe and nurturing program, enabling every child the means to develop physical, mental, social and emotional growth in a loving environment. “When our 4 and 5 year-olds graduate from the Weekday School, they are ready in all areas for all that Kindergarten has to offer.”

Currently, the Weekday School has over 100 families enrolled. Our students range from 9 months old to 5 years old. Fourteen of our families are church members or regularly attend BUMC. We have 19 full time staff members, 5 part time staff members, and substitutes who fill in as needed. Both our teachers and children comprise nationalities from over five countries.

Each week the children participate in music with Sheila Uselton, art with Maria Hussey, and French class with Madame Rita Richardson. Once a week the children also have the opportunity to participate in afterschool gymnastics with Tumbleweeds, Inc.

We take pride in our staff and they take pride in our program. The hardest part for our teachers is when their “babies” move up to an older class. After spending 9 months or longer, getting to know and love a child, it is hard to let go.

We are proud to continue the fine tradition of this nurturing ministry that began 60 years ago. We look forward to educating and nurturing children throughout the years to come.

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